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  • -23%LimitedSold Out
    The Muppets – Dr. Teeth & the electric mayhem SET (Damaged Packaging) 99.99

    The Electric Mayhem reunites on stage (in action figure form) as an all-new, super-detailed box set!

    For the first time, Dr. Teeth and Zoot join Animal, Floyd Pepper and Janice in deluxe stage packaging, a three-tiered window box with a fifth-panel door.

    Set includes 5 Muppets: 1x Dr. Teeth, 1x Zoot, 1x Animal, 1x Floyd Pepper, 1x Janice

    Limited to 3,000 pieces.


    Slightly Damaged packaging. Product itself is not damaged


    Out of stock

  • Friends Gift Set – You’re my lobster (Chibi) 13.99

    Official Friends tin set that is perfect for someone who loves a cup of coffee or tea.
    Including a high quality mug and a coaster coming in a tin box.
    The perfect gift for any Friends Fan.

    Officially licensed
    Capacity: 0,370 liter

    4 in stock

  • Rick and Morty Deck-Building Game – Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind 34.99

    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
    The bad boys of animation are back in this exciting new Rick and Morty deck-building game.

    3 in stock

  • Batman Ultimate Funko Pack 129.99

    The Ultimate Batman Funko pack!

    1 in stock

  • Marvel – Magneto Mini-Statue Animated Series 59.00

    Magneto finally worms his way into the Marvel Animated Statue Series!

    3 in stock

  • Marvel – Star-Lord Mini-Statue Animated Series 59.00

    Star-Lord, a Guardian of the Galaxy as part of the Animated Statue series!

    In numbered limited edition (3000 copies)

    Each animated statue is hand-cast, hand-painted, and hand-numbered with a limited edition certificate of authenticity

    6 in stock

  • 2-in-1: ΤΟ ΤΕΛΕΙΟ ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΤΖΑΜ! 64.97

    These games are in Greek Language

    Θα καταφέρετε να ανακαλύψετε το τι πραγματικά συνέβη ώστε να αποκαλυφθεί ο Δολοφόνος; Ή θα συνεχίσει να κυκλοφορεί ελεύθερος ανάμεσά σας, έχοντας διαπράξει το τέλειο έγκλημα;


    • Το ΤΕΛΕΙΟ ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑ είναι η Ελληνική Έκδοση του βραβευμένου DECEPTION – MURDER IN HONG KONG
    • Το ΤΖΑΜ! είναι η Ελληνική Έκδοση του βραβευμένου LETTER JAM


    97 in stock

  • -15%LimitedSold Out
    Final Fantasy VII – Cait Sith Plush Action Doll 109.99

    Cait Sith from FINAL FANTASY VII is now an Action Doll!

    Out of stock

  • Harry Potter – Cloak Of Invisibility 69.99

    Harry Potter Cloak of Invisibility – from muggle to magical in a few clicks.

    Fans have long been waiting for this: With the Harry Potter cloak of invisibility anyone can now become invisible! This is made possible by a free-of-charge special effects app, in which everything hidden under the cloak of high quality material “disappears”.


    1 in stock

  • Positively Pokemon: Pop Up, Play, and Display 15.99

    Are you as positive as Pikachu? As brave as Bulbasaur? As curious as Charmander? As sweet as Squirtle?

    An interactive gift book that transforms into an exciting scene featuring your favorite Pokémon

    2 in stock

  • Harry Potter – Mirror of Erised Keyring 7.99

    Official Harry Potter Mirror of Erised Keyring.

    Erised is desire spelt backwards, its a magical mirror which reflects the desires of your heart. And if your desire is to keep your keys safe, our keyring will do the job perfectly!

    5 in stock

  • Doraemon Figure-rise Mechanics DORAMI 29.99

    What is inside that robot? How does it move?

    Experience a unique, playful construction experience with a stunning result that doesn’t require glue or paint. Recreate your favorite characters in a style faithful to the original design (the model measures 13 cm and is built in about 3 hours). Assemble and recreate the epic poses thanks to these many points of articulations.

    3 in stock

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