Specializing in the production of hand-crafted furniture and products, we have passed on years of professional experience to help create a selection of gaming tables that exceed the expectations of those playing on them.

From heirloom gaming furniture to everything geek.

Milios Thanos - Rathskellers Co-Founder

Coordinates the many business details of running Rathskellers. He loves design and marketing, but has also used his programming knowledge to publish a variety of apps and games. A lover of Euro games and RPG. His favorite game is Castles of Burgundy.(Although his name is Thanos, he is not the Marvel Super Villain).

Carefully picking the best Memorabilia and geek stuff available worldwide with the Rathskellers Quality Control and brand you Trust.

Warehouse: Agiou Stephanou 8, 56429 Thessaloniki, Greece
Office: Ethnikis Antistaseos 157, 55134 Kalamaria, Greece

Don't hesitate to get in touch, We are super friendly 🙂

Sunnygeeks : a Rathskellers Company. Registered and operating under the Greek Law. European VAT ID : EL 032294378

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