Ginger Ale Games is small start-up company run as a co-op with each member having an equal voice and equal reward. The company was started as a means for gamers to make games on their own as their own. Ginger Ale Games is the brainchild of game designer Max Holliday. They work to publish light-hearted, slightly dark-themed games

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  • Bring Out Yer Dead 64.99

    The Game of Morbid Family Fun!

    Bring Out Yer Dead is set in the Victorian era and revolves around families competing for the best grave plots for their dearly departed. Small wooden coffin tokens are used for game pieces and French Tarot-style playing cards feature characters such as the grave digger, the grave robber, the fortune teller and the plague doctor.

    As the potential new head of the family, you must earn as much influence and riches as you possibly can to solidify your place in the family and in town. Influence is earned by vying to get the “dying” members of your family into the most desirable grave plots available. Players use their cards to bid to get bodies on the Grave Digger’s cart; switch graves; move opponent’s bodies to less desirable grave plots; dump bodies in the river; rescue bodies from the river; or even do a little grave robbing of their own.

    Game info
    Players :2-5
    Playing Time:40 minutes
    Categories:Horror, Renaissance
    Mechanisms:Action Queue, Area Majority/Influence, Card Drafting, Set Collection

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