Essential RPG Dice Set – Fool’s Gold


Time to roll!

Choose your own Lucky Weapons from a selection of unique Rathskellers dice sets! Which one will accompany you on your next adventure?

We’ve gathered the most well known Elements of Nature (and fantasy realm) to create amazing the amazing color schemes.

Fool’s Gold is a unique & earthy color with Gold & Black blends. Ideal for those Tavern Meetings or Adventurous Merchants!

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It’s up to Lady Luck to decide if you were able to stealth through the enemy’s fortress or if your ax really hit that orc. But you don’t have to leave the dice she’ll use to chance!

This dice set includes 7 essential RPG dice and comes in a Rathskellers Ship Cotton pouch :

d4 | d6 | d8 | d10 | d12 | d20 | d100

So whether you’re a Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons, a sorcerer in Pathfinder, a smuggler in the Edge of the Empire, or trying to awaken Cthulhu from his slumber, our Essential RPG Dice Set will help you complete your quests!