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  • Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates 61.99

    Become a pirate captain and search for treasure and riches in the Caribbean!

    In Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates you’ll sail through the Caribbean plundering merchant ships and visiting exotic ports as you race to be the first to reach the Spanish Treasure Fleet! Play cards from your deck to move your ships on three tracks through the Caribbean. Plunder juicy merchant ships, take their cargo and add new crew cards to build your deck. Visit Ports to sell your cargo for treasures and recruit even better crew cars with special powers.

    Game info
    Players :2-6
    Playing Time:45-60 minutes
    Categories:Nautical, Pirates, Racing
    Mechanisms:Deck/Bag/Pool Building, Set Collection

  • Fearsome Floors 44.99

    Can you escape Fürst Fieso?

    The storyline in Friedemann Friese’s Fearsome Floors (aka, Finstere Flure) continues the FFF-saga from Friese’s earlier game, with players trying to escape from Fürst Fieso. Story aside, what we have is a wonderful race game in which the players must move through a dungeon as quickly as possible – or at least within 14 turns – before it crumbles over their heads.

    Game info
    Players :2-7
    Playing Time:60 minutes
    Categories:Horror, Racing
    Mechanisms:Grid Movement, Modular Board

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