Taken from the official website:
“Though people tend to think of us as a puzzle company, we like to think of ourselves as so much more. In addition to being a leading supplier of puzzles, games and other products around the world as well as children’s books in Germany, Ravensburger is also a leading provider of jobs in Europe. The blue triangle is one of the most famous trademarks in Germany.

The product range includes about 8,000 different products (including all country-specific items) sold worldwide, 85% of which we make ourselves.

Ravensburger has approximately 1,471 employees and generated consolidated sales of € 311.7 million in 2010. That same year, we broke into the Guinness Book of World Records with our 32,256 piece puzzle, Keith Haring: Double Retrospect. We may be known today around the world as a premier puzzle company, but the Ravensburger name is backed by over a century of experience in the family entertainment and education spheres.”

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  • Explorers 24.99

    At the beginning of Explorers, you and each other explorer place four landscape tiles — grasslands, bodies of water, desert or mountains — and three different scoring tiles in your game frame. Then from your starting village, you go on an exploratory tour.

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  • Jaws 45.99

    Sharks VS Humans!

    Experience JAWS as a suspenseful tabletop strategy game! One player menaces the island of Amity as the three-ton great white shark, while the other players go on the hunt as Brody, Hooper, and Quint. Two thrilling phases of gameplay capture the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the classic film.


    Game info
    Players :2-4
    Playing Time:60 minutes
    Categories:Animals, Fighting, Movies/TV/Radio theme, Nautical
    Mechanisms:Area Movement, Card Play Conflict Resolution, Hidden Movement, Map Reduction, Modular Board, Player Elimination, Secret Unit Deployment, Team-Based Game, Variable Player Powers

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  • The Rise of Queensdale 89.99

    Build your own destiny!

    “Build me a castle! Build me a city worthy of my Queen!” Your King’s wish is your command.
    Travel into the valley of Queensdale, collect raw materials, construct buildings, and take fate into your own hands. Fame and
    fortune await you, but you must first outpace glory seekers who share your ambitions to fulfill the King’s wishes! Act with
    courage and wisdom, and remember, every decision you make has consequences . . .

    Game info
    Players :2-4
    Playing Time:45-60 minutes
    Categories:Civilization, Medieval
    Mechanisms:Dice Rolling, Legacy Game, Scenario/Mission/Campaign Game, Worker Placement, Worker Placement with Dice Workers

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