Level 99 Games is a publisher and game design team located at www.level99games.com.

From the Publisher’s Website:

Tabletop games for a video game generation.

Gameplay exists between discovery and mastery. To bring you that vision, we build games with endless replayability and worlds with extensive lore.

Happy Gaming!

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  • Pixel Tactics Deluxe 49.99

    Use your heroes, your orders, and your leader powers to pummel your opponent’s unit and take out their leader!

    Pixel Tactics is an SRPG card game inspired by games like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Wargroove, Advance Wars, and Disgaea! The game provides a hearty helping of strategy and variety, and there’s a ton in every box.

    Game info
    Players :2-4
    Playing Time:45 minutes
    Categories:Card Game, Fantasy, Fighting, Video Game Theme
    Mechanisms:Hand Management, Variable Player Powers

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