Fourtato Games is a Vancouver-based board game startup founded by 4 friends who share a passion for discovering and learning new games.

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  • Chicken Heist 24.99

    A card game where you’re a chicken robbing a bank.

    Will you stay, run, or hide?

    In a competition to rob the most money from the bank, you will need to make preparations, manage risks and make informed decisions to come out on top. With unpredictable events coming up that may get you locked up, would you take the time to prepare for what’s coming next, or would you continue to rob? Leave with the getaway truck and you will get a split of the loot. Stay too long however, you will leave with nothing but a life behind bars. In a high risk high reward setting, who is the ultimate chicken? Who will be the first to chicken out? You or your friends?

    Game info
    Players :3-8
    Playing Time:15-45 minutes
    Categories:Card Game, Animals
    Mechanisms:Hand Management, Player Elimination, Push Your Luck

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